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    teamspeak wont connect

    I have not changed anything at all , it went off while 2 of us were chatting and neither of us can re-connect . any ideas anyone please

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    What is your client version ?
    What is your operating system ?
    What happend, exactly ?

    It's not easy to understand you without more information.

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    teamspeak wont connect

    Teamspeak 3
    version 3.0.0 beta 36 (build 128.15)
    QT version 4.6.2

    OS is windows 7 Ultimate

    A friend and i were using TS ingame as usual when then TS just logged us both off and neither of us can re-connect. We are both admin

    TS works on public servers ok

    thanks for reply hope you can help

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    If your ts works on the public server okay then this leads me to believe that you are trying to join a server that went offline. especially if both parties can not connect to the teamspeak. who is hosting the server?

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    madwolf - Please contact the hoster/owner of this server. We can't help you, to get onto the server, when it is offline. Maybe someone did not pay his bills. It is end of month
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