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    Question how to inherit needed_channel_join_power

    Hello Everyone,

    this is something that bothers me pretty much since day 1 of TS3 beta...

    if I set a needed_channel_join_power to a channel (e.g. and channel restricted to admins) and then create sub-channels to this channel, there is no needed_channel_join_power at this sub-channel.
    Same goes for other restricting methods like passwords or needed_talk_power.

    iirc in TS2 you could only enter a sub-channel of a password-protected one if you knew the password of the main channel.

    How can I issue this kind of inheritation in TS3 (without giving the needed_channel_join_power to every sub-channel manually, of course) ?

    Maybe there should be a checkbox implemented at the channel create dialog saying like: "inherit needed_channel_join_power to sub-channels"

    Or is there even something there right now, but hidden from me? ;-)

    Thanks in advance to everyone willing to help me

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    In my knowledge it's already on todo list.
    Between time, you can use the channel group.
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    yes, would be nice if this is already on to-do.
    I basically just wanted to know if I'm to dumb to find such an option or if I'm right that it's not possible at this time.

    I know I can use channel groups the manage the access to a channel, but that requires me to add the needed_channel_join_power for all the sub-channels, which is what I want to evade.

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