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    Server Groups Changed

    HI Guys i need help in a big way and quickly.

    Right so i have just bought a 50 man TS server, i entered the privelage key into it and got full availability of the server being able to do everything within TS itself... i then right clicked on my name and was playing around and went into "Set Server Group" clicked on "Server Groups Dialog" and then changed my server group off admin to to a normal channel....

    I have now lost all of my Server admin abilities and I have NO idea how to get them back!!

    Please I need help asap as i need to get this up and running quickly and need to have full availability to it!


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    Do you rent your Teamspeak server or you are the owner ?

    If you are the owner you have to use the query command (with the serveradmin user) to create a new priviledge key or directly add yourself in the server admin group.

    Info :
    This question has been answered many times on this forum. Please use the search function

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    I am the owner.... Ummm i know where to go to get into the server query thing but what exactly do i have to do to add myself back in?

    I am quite new at this so what serveradmin user?

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    Quote Originally Posted by YIAMegadeath
    I am quite new at this so what serveradmin user?
    The serveradmin use is the first query use with the big power on the Teamspeak instance.
    This user is created at the first installation.
    Please read the documentation : TeamSpeak 3 Server Quick Start.txt
    Important information at the end of this document.

    About the query command, you can use the window Serverquery Tools > ServerQuery (but in a normal group I think you haven't good engouth permission) or use a soft like putty :
    login serveradmin <password>
    use <server ID> ("or" use port=<virtual server port>)
    servergroupaddclient sgid=6 cldbid=<your database ID>
    sgid=6, 6 is the ID of the first server admin group (on the first default virtual server - port 9987)
    cldbid=<your database Id>, you can get this number, clicking on you (info in the right part of the client)

    More info about query command : TeamSpeak 3 Server Query Manual.pdf

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    Quote Originally Posted by YIAMegadeath View Post
    Right so i have just bought a 50 man TS server
    That makes me think the server is rented. If so, then ask your host provider to send you another priviledge key (token).

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