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    Connection Lost i need a Solution

    Sorry to spam this but i really do need to find a solution! Asap
    I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this but if it is please help me D: i really do need help ok so lets start...
    I've got the new TS3 Client i use to play a game (RuneScape) and when i'm connected to whom ever's server it always
    Loses Connection it doesnt matter on whose TS3 Server it is it always loses connection like it looses connection like every 5 minutes sometimes 10 minutes and it gets really annoying ... and when it loses connection i cant re-connect it takes me like 20 trys or sometimes up to 3 minutes trying to reconnect and it gets really annoying... i've tryed to look for a solution but i cant find any so i decided to give up and post it on the forums also i've uninstalled TS3 but i still have the problem also i Reset my Computer to Factory Settings just to see if it will fix my TS3 i erased all my memory to see it would find a fix that's how desperate i'am to find a fix... but guess what i erased it for no reason i still have the same problem someone please reply and help me out i really need help :/ if you have any video's on showing how to help me that helps out ALOT more thanks

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