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    Solved "Too many clones already connected" with different IPs/Macs with Migration Assistant

    Hi there.

    I used Migration Assistant and the same source for cloning different Macs and now every time I want to join a server with two of those Macs - coming from different Ip's - I get the message "Too many clones already connected". If I use a different Mac, one which was not cloned via Migration Assistant - having the same Ip - I do not get that message and connect without a problem with the second Mac too.

    Do any of you have an idea how I could work around that error message and connect with two Macs?

    With thanks and best regards,

    Ps: I use only the latest updates, be it Mac Os X or Teamspeak.

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    Change this permission: i_client_max_clones_uid value = #simultaneous connections with the same user

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    Please not :
    i_client_max_clones_uid is since server RC1 (pre-release)
    If you use a server Beta 30, search i_client_max_clones

    Info, there is no link with your IP. This is just with your Identity

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    I found a fairly easy solution while searching for i_client_max_clones. First of all thanks for the fast replies.

    The solution is to give myself new identities while deleting the old one under settings - I had the same identity on all machines. Now I can connect with all of my Macs without having to change the server permissions via i_client_max_clones.

    With best wishes,

    Ps: Problem solved, thread can be marked as solved.

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