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Thread: CELT Codec

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    Solved CELT Codec

    I use -

    Version - 3.0.0-rc1-pre12(Build: 14208)

    18/04/2011 20:01:45 Decode Warning Could not decode CELT sound data, dropping.

    Ninja Edit: The fix for this problem is to use a new Client version (-rc1 released today). If you see this problems, tell your mates to update, until all of you are on -rc1 and then it will be fine.
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    === Client Release 3.0.0-rc1-pre12 14 Apr 2011
    ! Updated CELT codec. Due to codec bitstream incompatibility you can only
    communicate with new clients in channels using the CELT codec. Old clients
    will either sound weird/corrupt, or (on newer servers) will not be heard.

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    This happens on old server versions. When an old client (beta1 > Rc1-pre11) is talking (with Celt codec) to an user with Rc1-pre12.
    This is no bug and you have to wait for an Rc1 version of the server.

    Don't use Celt coded as long old clients are using your channels too.
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    Thx for the info, been looking for wasy away around it.


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    Where can I get an older version of TS3, I want to revert back

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0scar View Post
    Where can I get an older version of TS3, I want to revert back

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