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    Please do me a favour and read the description of that plugin.
    It explains what i have said before and yes it works currently with Trine 2 as an example.
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    I have read the plugin description and i use it very often when playing games, music and talking on Teamspeak.
    It's a awesome plugin but like i said for me it does not effect any thing other than winamp if i have "Do Nothing" selected is sound settings.
    I'm sorry that your plugin does not effect my nor any of my friends Windows 7 computers like you say it should. I'm glad it don't. And if your trying to implement that option that would make that plugin suck for a lot for me and other people i know.

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    Playback volume to low

    Hi all
    I have been using ts3 x64 for a couple of years and today my I lost the playback on ts3.
    I restarted my win7 x64 machine and all other applications, system and game sounds are normal but no ts3 output?
    I checked the settings -> options -> playback and got this
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TS3-Debug.jpg 
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    I then removed and re-installed teamspeak x64 then removed and installed ts3 32
    still no luck I tried all the recommended fixes I could find on the froums still no luck
    I then setup a USb sound card instead of using my realtek hd on-board sound this allows me to hear a faint greatly over driven play back in ts through out all this my mike volume has been fine.
    I any info about TS volume stored anywhere else on my windows 7 ultmate 64bit system
    any thoughts on how to proceed ?
    I have attached my TS error log
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    the sound is definitely getting to Windows as evidenced by the volume meter. Have you tried changing playback mode/reinstalling drivers?

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    Yes I reinstalled the Motherboard drivers and have changed from direct sound to windows audio session and default
    thx for the input!
    I downloaded and ran "MicrosoftFixit.AudioPlayback.Run.exe" it dint find any problems

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    Resolved! I manually reinstalled direct x and all works fine!

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