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    "/file transfer connection timeout" and much more

    Hello guys. I've got quite annoying problem which is inability to connect to one concrete address. I mean, i can connect with that address but then, TS is freezed, and it log me in and out, spaming me information:
    "/file transfer connection timeout (/icon numbersnumbers)"
    I have reinstalled TS few times, I don't get ban or something like that on that server. The funniest thing in that all is that, I can log in into other address! And what's the problem? Why I can log in into that one concrete server?

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    Sounds like the file transfer port is not open or the host permission file (machine) has a problem.
    Before any further question, are you the owner or a simple user of this server ?

    (In the second case, we can do nothing for you)

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    Hey everyone,

    got an issue if anyone can help me resolve. i created a room where i want to load some stuff up, i right click the channel and choose "open file browser" select the file i want to upload, it starts off uploading fine, goes up to about 15kbps transfer so like 2-3% of my file then drops down to 0 transfer speed and stops.

    i can keep choosing the file and saying resume and it keeps progressing 2% at a time but thats highly impractical.

    any idea how to fix this? i do not have a firewall up that i know of.

    Thanks, appreciate the help.
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    im renting the server so im the admin, maybe its a issue with permissions because im on a different pc, although im set as admin here. however i did notice in the options it wont let me create new user groups and give those users FTP rights, is there a way to do that?

    will try port forwarding when im at home as well. but it lets me start the upload before it times out, does that not mean i have enough rights anyway? since i could just keep spamming the upload file and resume and get the file over anyway.

    second thing i was noticing in amongst my browsing, it says ppl can access teamspeak via browser, yet i cant get it working

    this is what the website says

    i tried putting my server address and port in with and without {} and also adding http:// nothing works, is that feature still available?

    1 more question if i can harass this much lol, i installed a plugin to allow irc in ts3 and yes it is freaking amazing! but is there a way to have the same thing on mac and linux?

    thank you
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    About the file transfer, make sure that your firewall is not blocking the file port (30033).
    Try with it off.
    (your different PC have the same OS?)

    About the web address => ts3server://<ip>:<port>

    About the plugin, you have to contact the owner/dev of this plugin.

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    Upload download error

    I keep getting this error when I try to download from TS3 permissons look find when I try to upload says error in the upload box
    upload<16:26:16> Transfer "temp3.jpg" reports: (file transfer connection timeout)
    download<16:19:58> Transfer "overclock2.jpg" reports: (file transfer connection timeout)
    <16:19:58> Transfer "overclock2.jpg" reports: (file transfer connection timeout)

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