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    Premissons ? Cant move Users to other Channel.

    Hello. I have a Question. My channel Owner " Big Boss " made me There " Little Boss " And told me that i could Can now Move User's to other channel's of ours. I tryed and i get Error or something.
    <12:12:22> insufficient client permissions (failed on i_client_move_power)

    What do we Have Do. He Dont know Why . Could someone Help us.

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    Never ignore the error message, you have the answer

    So, this error message tell that you haven't enough power to do this action.
    You have to check (in your group) if this permission (and needed_move_power) is correctly set.

    Don't forget, to do this action, your i_client_move_power must be equal or higher than i_client_needed_move_power of the target user.

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    Guess he speaks about Channel-Groups.
    There you need move_power in both channels, the source as well as the destination channel.
    Global move is only available from server group or client permission.

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