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    Question Maybe change the error handling of the "incorrect running system clock"

    Hello guys!

    maybe you have read through this Topic (klick me!)
    So .. I have also an problem with this "error" .. im my case it's the following ..
    My teamspeak 3 server is running on an strong V-Server ..

    The time of this Server will be updated automatically from the host machine .. I can't change this .. I think this is the problem in most cases.
    So from time to time the time "jumps" .. not really .. but it was changed, in the future or in th past ..

    So .. maybe I have an idea, or a suggestion ..
    As you can see here; Name:  log-flood-incorrect-time.jpg
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Size:  105.7 KB
    the log of the teamspeak 3 server will be flooded badly .. Maybe reduce this to one line?

    And I hope the developers can figure out, why the teamspeak 3 server hangs .. maybe something like an deadlock?
    Please take notice of that .. because this is really annoying ..!

    With kind regards

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    Time does jump from time to time, even if you're not running on a V-Server. I had this issue with "Daylight Saving Time" in my time zone. I remember it got the problem during the days in which the daylight saving time advances/rolls back time by 1 hour. But I don't remember having the log flooding. I think there are only 1-2 entries in there.

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    Strange thing ..
    The last few weeks I get this error from time to time ..
    And when the error "happen" the teamspeak 3 server "freezes" & the teamspeak3 log will be flooded ..
    I have no idea what else it could be .. because on the V-Server aren't running any scripts, that could freeze the server ..
    Have you guys any idea, what I can do to fix this?

    With kind regards

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    Does no one have an idea how to fix this ..
    Because this is really annoying .. !
    Did no one have this problem .. ?
    So it seems like ..

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