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    Angry TeamSpeak 3 Sounds issues with Counter-Strike: Source

    I'm not sure if anyone else is having this issue and I wasn't able to find a working solution thus I'm posting this thread. I have had this issue for some time now and would like a fix to it.

    Currently I'm using v.3.0.0-beta36 [Build: 12815]
    With volumecontrol_plugin

    The issue is when I talk on my mic everything works fine and lowers the sound just like it's supposed to, also when others talk. The main problem is when I activate my microphone in-game (Counter-Strike: Source) it lowers my teamspeak volume to the 10% that I have it set to lower on regular usage. However when I'm done using my mic in-game the volume stays the same at the 10%.

    Gets kind old having to either turn of my teamspeak sounds constantly or resort to having all the users in game connect to my teamspeak server which isn't going to happen, so I'm stuck having to turn up my volume for teamspeak in my volume mixer for windows each time I talk in-game.

    I have tried making to volumecontrol_plugin set to 100% when I use my mic and it seems to work, when I'm using teamspeak. As soon as I talk in-game again it lowers back down to the 10%.

    Has anyone had this issue or is there a fix to it?

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    If you use Windows Vista or Windows 7, try the following setting:

    System control -> Hardware and Sound -> Sound -> "Communication" Tab -> Select option "Do nothing" and save this with "OK". May be different, because I have the German Windows version.

    This solves also this issue with other games like CrimeCraft or RUSE.

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