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    installing ts3 on ubuntu 10.10


    I have just recently switched to ubuntu 10.10 and am having trouble installing ts3 for linux. I download the file, double click, and it opens this regedit and from there im lost. Prior, I was using the windows version through wine but I would much rather use a native client for ts3. Thank you in advance for your help and sorry if this was posted at a loss.

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    Make sure you are downloading the correct client for your Ubuntu install (x86 or amd64).
    Right click the installer file, select Properties -> Permissions tab -> checkbox "Allow executing file as program" -> Close
    Now you should be able to double click the file and select "Run in Terminal". Follow the prompts and the program will be unpacked into its own directory. In that directory double click "" to launch the client (you may need to set it's permissions to executable as well).

    To add a Launcher to the application menu, select System -> Preferences -> Main Menu; Select "New Item" and point Command to wherever "" is. The TS3 client stores settings in a hidden directory in your home folder ".ts3client" so the client directory can be moved or deleted with out losing your settings.

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