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    Server People Limit - Recovering My Server


    I've recently opened a server on TS3 Server Software.
    The people limit was 32 People in the server.
    Now, It's somehow set to 0 People in the server and I cannot enter my server.

    There is anyway to recover it and set the limit to 32 People again?
    The server address is a No-IP Address:

    If you need the full IP, write me a comments.

    This server is very important, I will appreciate it if you will help me quickly.


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    i tried to enter your server as well i get the same thing have you tried to shut down the server and reboot it?
    also have you tried to telnet the server using telnet or putty or something?
    do you host your self or do you rent your server?
    what OS is your server running on?

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    I don't know how to "telnet" the server, but I have the PuTTY software.
    I already tried to reboot.
    My server is running on Windows 7.

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    You have to use the query command to change the available slot :
    (use a soft like putty directly on query port (by default 10011 , telnet)
    login serveradmin <password>
    use <server ID> ("or" use port=<virtural server port>)
    serveredit virtualserver_maxclients=32

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    I just paste it to putty?
    What I need to do after pasting? Because after I paste nothing happens.

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    With putty you have to write line by line (press enter for each line)

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    I can't connect to my ServerQuery, What I need to write in Putty to connect to ServerQuery?

    I have the username and password.

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    Step by step

    - open putty
    - write the IP address
    - select Telent (in connection mode)
    - Write the query port

    After that you get the welcome query phrase, and now you can use the query command that I wrote.

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