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    Client Side Callback after ts3server_clientMove?

    I'd like to use ts3server_clientMove() to move a client from one channel to another, but I need to ensure my client software always knows what channel it is one. Is there a callback that I can use to update my client?

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    if a regular channel switch occurrs, that is to say a user "moves himself" into a new channel, you will get notified via the onClientMoveEvent (if you only care where you yourself are, filter on the clientID and make sure it is yours). You can also be moved to a new channel by other clients, and then you will get the onClientMoveMovedEvent callback - or, in case of a "kick from channel" - the onClientKickFromChannelEvent callback.

    Edit: When being moved by the server (ts3server_clientMove()), the onClientMoveMovedEvent should also occur.
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    I got a similar trouble on my integration, when the play made an action (specific to the game) I call a create channel on server side (ts3server_flushChannelCreation) and follow this step by a client move on server side (ts3server_clientMove)

    when I do this no callback from my client are called. I have implemented:


    when move come from server none of these callback is called.

    I will be happy to found help about this.

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