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    MySQL: setSQLfromFile( file:sql/update_1.sql) failed

    Hi there, everyone.

    I've been running Teamspeak3 on its local SQLite database for awhile, and just now I decided to begin using MySQL instead. I don't really have any configuration that I would mind loosing, so starting off fresh is fine with me.

    I began by setting up my database in phpmyadmin, then I moved mysql-related settings into a ts3db_mysql.ini file, next to TS3's executable. I entered in my settings as per the server_quickstart guide, then I added the command line options as follows: open_win_console=1 dbplugin=ts3db_mysql dbpluginparameter=ts3db_mysql.ini dbsqlcreatepath=create_mysql/ dbsqlpath=sql/

    I then launched the server via a shortcut I created on my desktop strictly for testing, only to see the console window come up, then close down right away.

    Note that this is after I struggled through getting TS3 to generate the tables within the database. The tables are now there (after three times being dropped beforehand), it just seems that TS3 is unable to use them.

    The log file reports this:

    2011-04-30 15:07:18.218750|INFO    |ServerLibPriv |   | Server Version: 3.0.0-beta30 [Build: 12998], Windows
    2011-04-30 15:07:18.375000|INFO    |DatabaseQuery |   | dbPlugin name:    MySQL plugin, (c)TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
    2011-04-30 15:07:18.375000|INFO    |DatabaseQuery |   | dbPlugin version: 1
    2011-04-30 15:07:18.546875|CRITICAL|DatabaseQuery |   | setSQLfromFile( file:sql/update_1.sql) failed
    As far as I can tell, TS3 is trying to access a file that doesn't exist. I looked in the sql directory, and I can confirm that there is no such update_1.sql file. This is starting to look like a bug.

    Don't get me wrong, I did do my homework. The topic here encompasses the exact same problem I'm experiencing, although the author's solution, reinstalling (more like copying over?) a fresh version of TS3, did not work for me. It seems like there is, in fact, no file named update_1.sql ever included in the Windows (32 bit only?) version of TS3.

    Is this actually a bug, just misleading me, or did I configure something wrong?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I have the exact same issue ... Ițve only restarted the PC and after that when the TS 3 server tries to start I have the following error:

    2012-11-13 10:42:16.488721|INFO    |ServerLibPriv |   | TeamSpeak 3 Server (2012-06-29 07:59:05)
    2012-11-13 10:42:16.490722|INFO    |DatabaseQuery |   | dbPlugin name:    MySQL plugin, (c)TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
    2012-11-13 10:42:16.490722|INFO    |DatabaseQuery |   | dbPlugin version: 1
    2012-11-13 10:42:16.529727|CRITICAL|DatabaseQuery |   | setSQLfromFile( file:sql/update_1.sql) failed
    The server is running on Windows x64 ... I haven't changed anything, just restarted the PC.

    Any help would be appreciated ...

    Thank you!

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    Looks like the properties have not been updated in the database, might be due to that the mysql server has no permission to write its files or the disk is full.

    The update scripts get executed when the server notices the database version is older than the one expected by the TeamSpeak server.

    SELECT `value` FROM `instance_properties` WHERE `ident` = 'serverinstance_database_version';
    looks like that query returns an empty result for you, which should never happen unless your database became broken somehow.

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    Folks, don't you think a year and eight months qualifies as a dead thread? My server has been offline for a long time now.

    Chris, I don't exactly understand how you could be getting information from any of our servers. I remember locking my database server down pretty good when it wasn't offline.

    I know my MySQL server was working fine otherwise and my disk certainly wasn't full, I still feel that it was more a matter of a missing file than a MySQL problem.

    At any rate, it's all water under the bridge. I suppose I don't care if NIIcK uses my thread now...

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    True this was a dead thread, I should probably have splitted NIIck's reply out of here into a separate thread.
    Either way I didn't gather any information from any database, I was just replying to NIIck as he necromanced your thread

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    Alright, all makes sense now. Sorry for being cranky . I hope you guys are able to get it working, I wish I could contribute since I think I was running TS just fine on my sql server. This weekend I can try and do some investigating if help is still needed.

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    Post TeamSpeak 3 Server SQL Error

    Hello, a few days ago my Teamspeak 3 server crashed and it would no longer start, so I have checked my log when it tries to start. Also, I have tried re-installing my server, and no such luck. So, i'm hoping to get help from community now. Anyways, here's the information.

    Running: Windows Web Server 2008 R2 64 Bit
    TS Server Log:
    2012-11-29 01:47:25.880443|INFO    |ServerLibPriv |   | TeamSpeak 3 Server (2012-06-29 07:59:05)
    2012-11-29 01:47:25.896043|INFO    |DatabaseQuery |   | dbPlugin name:    SQLite3 plugin, Version 2, (c)TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
    2012-11-29 01:47:25.896043|INFO    |DatabaseQuery |   | dbPlugin version: 3.7.3
    2012-11-29 01:47:26.426443|INFO    |DatabaseQuery |   | checking database integrity (may take a while)
    2012-11-29 01:47:26.582444|CRITICAL|DatabaseQuery |   | setSQLfromFile( file:sql/update_1.sql) failed

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    Funny thing is I've stumbled upon same issue.
    Turned out, the "dbsqlpath=…" wasn't set correctly in the INI file.
    The error message could be A LOT more clearer for this specific issue.

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