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    How to create a channel that create sup channel on join?

    Hello guys,

    i need help for my TeamSpeak..

    i find a server that have that channel ( removed )

    when i join the channel "JOIN THIS CHANNEL TO GET YOUR OWN" i get my own channel named ThudnerNRW - Channel.

    how i create the same on my server?

    thanks for help

    Nobody can help me?
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    November 2015

    Limit channel creation to be within a spacer

    Hello there!

    I have a server that I am using at the moment just for some friends, and I am trying to figure out a method of limiting the way users create channels. I have a specific spacer which I want any newly created channels to be created under, but after fiddling with the permission settings for both the channel and the user, I cannot seem to get this working. Can anyone help me figure this out?

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    Allow Channel Admin make sub-channels in own channel

    Hallo guys!

    Channel Admins must be able to make sub-channels.
    But ONLY when they are channel admins and in that channel they have the pemission in - Is that possible?

    Thx in advanced.

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    Enable b_channel_create_child and i_channel_max_depth with value X in your Channel Admin group.

    This channel group will not be able to create channels in other channels without owning Channel Admin.
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    How can I make users add their own sub channels on my channel?

    My server is private at the moment, I am working on the server and completing it, it is a LAN server. Anyway, When it is public and it's WAN server,I think, that users should have channels on my server, but, I do not know how to do it. I am making a International Channel (worldwide channel), so they can add their subchannels, this should be what it looks like:

    International (Not Complete) - Nobody can join
    User's Channel
    User's Channel

    So users can put sub channels and everything in the International channel. If you don't understand,
    User's Channel = Not for users to join on, it's their channel added

    Please give me answers.
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    TeamSpeak Permissions Understanding

    Hi! I am trying to make TeamSpeak Server where I am going to have Temporary Channels Section.

    There, I will allow anyone to make temporary channels with semi-permanent and temporary channels.

    Problem: How do I make sure that the person has permission only there to create channel and not in any other channel?

    Because, I am messing a lot and I Googled about it for 2 hours now (read multiple threads here and there) but no help yet.

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