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    Teamspeak on LAN

    So I have 2 computers connected with a switch. Can I talk with my brother using TeamSpeak? I tried to make a server and i connected to it with no problems (with the PC that was hosting the server), but I can't seem to connect with the other one, It keep saying "Failed to connect to server". We can play video games fine together.
    Do we need internet connection or it should work without one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AragorN19988
    Do we need internet connection or it should work without one?
    In your case, an Internet connection is required.

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    seems you have some type of internet to post here.
    whats you setup with that switch?

    2 ways i have used a switch for multible computers

    modem > switch > computers
    (may require 2 ip from your ISP depending on your switch)

    modem > computer with 2 network ports > switch > other computers
    (computer hooked to modem acts as server. use network wizard for easy setup)

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    The question I have is what IP address is your brother using to connect to your server? Since he isn't using an NPL I don't think he needs the internet connection to have Teamspeak work. I remember seeing a post about something similar but I can't find it right this minute.

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    Ok, I don't know what happened, but now it works all of a sudden. Reconnected the cable on the switch, probably that did the job.
    And yes i don't need a internet connection for it to work.
    This is the setup we both use, we connect using the IP with no problem, hope this will help someone in the future.

    Thanks for everyone who replied.

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