I have a dual-boot Pc, with windows 7 and the latest version of Ubuntu. On windows 7 my microphone works on every application including teamspeak 3. On Ubuntu the same microphone works with every application including teamspeak 1 & 2, except for 3. When testing the mic in setting in TS3 I hear my self for a second then I cut out. To the people who are recieving this, they hear nothing. I have a realtek alc888 soundcard built in to the motherboard. I've talked to people that know a lot about linux audio issues and they say it has something to do with Teamspeak. So I came here in hope of rescue and the ability to speak. Hope someone can help, Ynotserious.

I have a Amd Quad core processor and 4gb of RAM. And no, my mic is not muted.