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    Solved connect button is grey

    hi folks! i was wondering if anyone knows a solution to the following issue:

    Issue: The "connect" button under the "connections" option at the top of teamspeak is grey and un clickable version rc-1 for what ever reason one of my members can not connect to my server via this method.

    Testing this problem i have learned that the connect button will only grey out when either "A" no address is entered in the address field or "B" when no nickname is entered. HOWEVER in this case both fields are filled out properly and yet the connect button is still greyed out preventing him from connecting to the server.

    I suggested to him that he set up a bookmark with "automaticly connect on startup" box checked to see if this resolves his issue. However the results of that have not reached me yet. I was wondering if anyone had this issue or resolved it in some way, This is a new issue directly related to the new rc1 update (no issues of this nature pre rc1)

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    I haven't tested this out, but does he have an IDENTITY? Just a thought..

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    Solved: The issues was user error or improper input from the user. in this case there was [SPACE] in front of the address thus preventing him from connecting to the server take note for other users making this mistake.

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    I dont think that this problem is solved. It isnt possible to write special characters in the Server Adress Field. If u try to connect to a domain name like mine "bä", its not possible to click connect.

    mfg eMMe

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    This is on our todo and this topic here can be marked as solved

    We did not think about the new IDN
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