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    line breaks in names in chat

    With the new update (on mac os x), I have now the strange feature of names in chat being split into two lines. This is different from before when it worked fine. It seems to break after character 11.

    like this:
    <02:16:14> "Dogstar [BB
    5XX]": bug is like this.

    <02:16:15> "Dogstar [BB 5XX]": should be like this.

    Would be nice to have this fixed.
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    Chat copy/paste fails

    In the betas, copying chat would come out as shown in the chat window - everything on one line would be in one line when you pasted.
    In rc1, now it seems when you copy chat from chat window, it comes out broken - the time is on a line, then the name on the next, the : after, then the message.

    please fix!
    (dunno if this was already posted)

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    We know about this behavior and the developers are not able to fix it. It is planned to overhaul the chat after the final version of our client.
    Please copy the chat without the nickname and it won't break.

    The developers fixed an ugly problem with arabaic symbols or other smybols, that cause, that text was written from right-to-left.
    We preffer to stay with that fixed and ugly copy paste behavior. We disussed this and it won't be changed for now.
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    well, thanks anyway - we'll get used to it I guess.

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