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    Exclamation skip flag for groups Enabled "failed to i_group_needed_modify_power"

    I have a problem I wanted to make a TeamSpeak Viewer on my homepage. I wanted to use To this end I have to edit the rights of the guests. But if I want to adjust the rights always comes a error "failed to i_group_needed_modify_power" and at the bottom right is "skip flag for groups Enabled" My English is not good, unfortunately, but I hope you can help me.

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    skip flag enabled is from

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    Since the new update you can change nothing more. I am server admin but nothing in the
    Setting the right. Is there an error somewhere maybe? That's shit change when not even the right can. Just want to have a stupid Teamspeak viewer ^ ^.

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    If you want to view permissions complete, with the previous display:
    Serttings > Options > Aplication > Misc > Check "Advanced permissions system"

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