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    Question 2 Servers, 1 or 2 TeamSpeaks? 1 License?


    I have a complex problem and I'm not sure the best way to go about it. Our gaming organization has a TS3 Server on one machine and the permissions are tied to the website, we also have a non-profit license.

    I recently acquired a backup server, in a different location. I want to possibly integrate that with our website as well, however, two problems...

    A) Should I try to integrate the 2nd one with the website, or just make backups, or can I make one giant server over 2 servers?
    - If I integrate it, it could double the amount of code (I'm also curious on how secure ServerQuery is over the internet).
    - If I make backups, how do I go about doing it with a different license on different servers?
    - Can I just one run big server over 2 physical servers in 2 different places?

    B) The non-profit license does not allow multiple servers, only multiple virtual servers. So do I get another one?

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    Simple answer : You can start several instance in different location with your NPL. The most important is the number of virtual server and slot.

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    Nevermind, I fixed it by restarting the first one with less slots.

    Hi again, thanks

    I tried loading my license file into a 2nd server, but upon doing so, the server will not accept connections? The first server is configured with 448 slots, while the 2nd is configured with 32.

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