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    Solved Resolving UNICODE Hostnames, 3 RC1

    As of the recent update me and my fellas have the problem that our server name is in UNICODE and since the last update we cant resolve the hostname anymore. it worked pretty well in the previous version and is not a server sided problem, the server version is beta 28 ( Suse Linux )

    Any ideas how i could solve it ? We are currently working around it by the direct ip

    ( Sorry that i dont post the dns but the server is not password protected and i want to avoid spam. )

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    But an example address would be good :-/

    We fixed an issue with non Asciii symbols in our new client.
    We try to release an client update today 3.0.0-rc2-pre1 [Build: 143xx]
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    This is fixed in our current code, so with the next client release you will have a fix. Until then I guess you can give them the decoded hostname, or IP, whichever is less inconvenient :/

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    Alright, thanks for the fast reply

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    Just updated my ts server, thanks for fixing.

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