This suggestion has probably been suggested already, or not, but I'm going to elaborate a complete topic about it.

It would be nice to have an in-game overlay officialy created by TS3 so that there would be no problems at all with extra addons and plugins.
I bet many people are familiarized with Mumble's ingame overlay and even some people move there just because of the overlay. That can be easily avoided if you create this Ingame Overlay.
At the moment theres a plugin that does this job called Project TINT. It stopped working now because of the new TS3 update, but it's a bit limited and has a few bugs.

Table of contents for TS3 Ingame Overlay:

1. You can change the font to whatever you like, using WINDOWS/Fonts path, so that you can install extra fonts and use them.

2. You can configure anything about the overlay, like its position, each category text colors, text messages such as if you see who enters and exits, or just toggle that text off. Toggle to appear the player names on the TS3 server only if they speak, or toggle it to appear everyone on the server even if they dont speak.

To configure the colors, you'd have these states:

Whos speaking at the moment.
Whos not speaking but is on the channel.
Server name.
Channel name.
Who enters/exits/times out.

Heres an example from Project TINT with a modded font:

As you can see, the one speaking has a brighter color, and the one whos not speaking has a darker color.
Those who enter or exit the channel, smoothly disapear from the list (green names) with either a fade-in or fade-out effect. (would be cool to have this as well).

TS3 Overlay must work with DirectX 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 applications. Also if OpenGL is supported would be cool.

Probably you're going to ask this: "Why don't you use Project TINT then instead of suggesting this?"
Because as I refered, it contains a few bugs, the text colors can't be changed, it's a plugin so whenever TS3 updates we have to wait for the plugin developer to also adapt his plugin, etc.

One thing that really should take into consideration is that we should be able to configurate the ingame overlay as widely as possible, so it can satisfy everyone's likes.

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