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    Question Problem with connecting TS3 server

    Hello everybody, I got weird problem with my TS3 server. I`m running TS3 server for around 3 monthes, but yesterday I met strange problem. People aren`t able to connect my server, when they try to do that it gives error "Failed connect to server". Funny thing that my server still appears in server list and also I can connect it too. But why then other people can`t? Before all was ok. I tried to download latest version of TS3 server from website and launched it. It still works fine for me, but nobody except me can`t connect it. It`s really weird problem and since I`m newbie in such things I ask you for some advices. Thanks in advance.

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    What is the server address? If it is not on the default port you must specify it in the connection windows as

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    Address is I`m pretty sure that problem isn`t in the port...

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    I would go back and double check all your port forwarding. Also check any software firewall or anti-virus as they may have been updated and are now preventing the connection.

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