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    Problem with Sound - Sound Output --> Micro Input?


    i have a little problem. im not sure whether its only a TS problem, i think its a windows problem but i cant handle it.

    if im on a server and want to talk, all can here themself double. so if some1 tanks --> my micro activates and the same things i hear will get transfered to my "mic"

    im using a headset!

    here i tested it.. if i have winamp and music on ->,20617272/mikro.jpg/

    even without a micro! i unplugged it for this test

    here my settings:,16480761/einstellungen.jpg/

    everything else deactivated except the mic

    maybe some1 knows what this could be???


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    hope this helps

    if you have a stereo mix in your recording devices disable it

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