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    TeamSpeak 3 Client Update failing at 59%.

    When I log into my Teamspeak 3 client, it tells me an update is available, and do I want to install it. A Yes click starts the process, which stops and chokes at 59%. The error report log displays the following:

    Previous update session for v. 14345 found
    Starting update process
    Download / check product ini
    Compiling download and replace list
    No downloads needed
    Starting file updates
    add/replace QtCore4.dll._z_
    add/replace QtGui4.dll._z_
    add/replace QtNetwork4.dll._z_
    add/replace accessible/qtaccessiblewidgets4.dll._z_
    add/replace changelog.txt._z_
    add/replace error_report.exe._z_
    add/replace imageformats/qgif4.dll._z_
    Could not delete 'C:/Program Files/TeamSpeak 3 Client/imageformats/_old_qgif4.dll'
    rolling back file updates
    Update cancelled

    How do I fix this? Several other people in my gaming clan have had similar problems.

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    Go to the downloads page and redownload the full installer, reboot your computer and run the downloaded rc1 installer.

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    Dante had said if you close the client and then go to the Teamspeak client directory you can run update.exe and it should work. I can't find his exact post right now though.

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    Just FYI -

    Myself and others experienced the same error with the recent update.
    We all have automatic updates enabled.

    Our question is not, how do we work around it, but rather why did this happen?

    I don't expect a real answer because I imagine that the answers will revolve around, it's free or it's beta etc. But, if it can be avoided in the future that'd be great.

    PS - also, one person is having difficulty with in-game sound now while running the updated version. I cancelled my update so my sound is not affected.

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    mrobare but this is the only thing i can say here. I guess, that it happened with beta 36 and beta36 has a bug, where the client does not close and is still running in task manager.
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