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    Dennisen Guest

    Starting with Sudo doesn't work, have to start with root

    as you all know it's not recommended to start the Server as root, i want to start it as a user but i have so many programs and scripts that i do not have the time to login as user and then start the server, so i wrote a script that starts the Server with sudo. The Problem ist, that i cannot start the server like that because if i use the script i get the error message that the mysql library of TS cannot be found, if i start it with root it can be found and TS starts. What's the problem here. How do i manage to start the TeamSpeak-Server by a script using sudo, my script now looks like that, it starts as root, if i add the needed things to start it with sudo, i get the error that the mysqllibs cannot be found. Thanks for any help!

    Startscript can be found some posts below - NEW VERSION!
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