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    Push-To-Talk randomly stops responding.

    Hi, I'm running Windows 7 64 with the latest version of TS3.

    I use the Alt key to use Push-To-Talk whilst playing WoW.

    Randomly my push-to-talk stops working (I can still hear others).

    The problem is random and causing real trouble when playing as it has failed to respond at critical times, and I only notice it when others point out that i've stopped talking.

    I have tried fixing it by re-running the Startup Wizard but that never works, the only way I can fix it is by Shutting down Teamspeak 3 and running it again.

    Does anybody know how I can fix it? (I'm at work right now so can't attempt a fix till I get home)

    Besides this issue I love TS3, an incredibly powerful tool.

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    Try assign it to some other keys, I prefer to use either Ctrl, Alt, or Shift. Sometimes keyboard keys are conflicting with each other (I had this problem with some logitch keyboards, and the "shifting" keys usually do not have this problem.)

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