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    How do I get my nickname to appear always ?

    In IDENTITY section of my TS3 client, my nickname appears in 3 places, it stays there when I close the client and re-open it.

    However, when I go into another teamīs TS3 location, I am seen as an anonymous USER.

    How can I get my correct nickname to display in other TS3 clients ??

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    In your bookmark you select the desired identity and remove the entered Nickname (Go advanced in bookmark manager must be activated.)
    And then the nickname set in the identity is always used when you connect with that identity.

    In the identity Manger there are only 2 sections for Nickname. The identity name is never send to the server.
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    And to get the step further: If you have the standard identity left as standard and just used anotherone for your normal use you either should make your normally used identity to be the standard identity and delete the other if you never use it or you really go to change the used identity in every bookmark and always when you try a direct connetion to a new server not yet in the bookmarks as well.

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