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    Solved Can't connect to my own WAN

    Hi all.
    I know that this have been asked alot of times, and i have been serching the forums, so please read on.

    I have a computer that runs TS3 server/ win XP pro, and i try to connect to the server from another computer. if i use the 192.168.x.x i can connect no problem. but when i use the WAN ip i cant connect.
    I have turned off AV and Winfirewall, have opened the 9987 UDP in my router's NAT. and i have opened the port in my Firewall at my ISP aswell. And i just cant connect to the server. ( Note i have created a DMZ for the 192.18.x.x IP for the computer in the router aswell so the router know wich IP the request are for)

    On the same computer that runs the server i got a Webcam application that i can connect my Iphone to, i had to open some ports for that aswell and that still works!! so i really cant see why the TS3 server dont work, as i opened the ports the same way..

    Hope someone can help.

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    Yes this has been answered before, so please read on...

    Yes you are right port 9987 UDP is needed, but
    Your router does not support to conenct to your own LAN network with your external IP.

    LAN IP = Send it to everyone in your house, evil neighbours in your W-Lan
    WAN/External IP= Send this Ip to your friends.

    A router with that feature also sends your computer to the LAN IP and won't use the external one.
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    its working now.. my friend can connect i just cant on my own WAN ip cant understand why, it is that way but thx.

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