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    Exclamation Users unable to connect [Not a port forwarding / blocking issue]

    People are unable to connect to my TeamSpeak 3 server running on port 9987. This machine has a static public IP assigned to it, and the TeamSpeak 3 server is being started manually.

    Up until yesterday they were able to connect just fine, but now only I am able to connect (using either a local IP, localhost, or an IP through a VPN or ipKVM adapter.)

    I have made contact with my server's ISP, and have checked IPTablesWIN and the following rules are in action:

    ( being synonymous of the server's IP)
    PROTO  SOURCE         DEST           DIR  ACTION
    UDP   *:*            OUT  ALLOW
    UDP    *:*     IN   ALLOW
    TCP  *:*            OUT  ALLOW
    TCP    *:*    IN   ALLOW
    TCP  *:*            OUT  ALLOW
    TCP    *:*    IN   ALLOW
    I have also tried marking this machine as an internet gateway (a rule for ALLOW *:* *:* TCP/UDP) and still no go. They were able to connect a day ago with no problems, and now they cannot.

    Relevant TeamSpeak 3 Server Information:
     - Version: . . . . . 3.0.0-rc1 (Build: Unknown)
     - Operating System:. Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
     - Soundcard Version: Not Applicable
     - DirectX Version: . Not Applicable
     - Error Message: . . Not Applicable
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