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    Editing Group Auto Update Type - Insufficient Group Modify Power

    Hello there,

    I have encountered this for awhile now, and I was hoping to get some insight into why this might be happening.

    First off, a little background. We have a number of groups, ranging from permissions of 5 on almost everything to a permission value of 200 for most groups. There is however a special group, which I have designated "Over 9000" and as you can guess, the permission values on almost everything are over 9000(9001 to be exact).

    Lately, I have attempted to modify the group's Auto Update Type, as well as the Auto Update Max Value, and both of these have resulted in a insufficient group modify power.

    What I think are the relevant permission values are:

    Group Modify Power: 9001 Grant: 9001
    Needed G Modify Power: 9001 Grant: 9001
    Permission Modify Power: 9001 Grant: 9001
    Ignore Perm Mod Power: True Grant: 9001

    So, going from here, aside from the "over 9000" values, does anything look out of the ordinary?

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    Is there any Grant value set behind that permission in your group? You can't set any permission without permission_modify power (Grant).
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    Sorry, I became somewhat busy and did not respond to this, however there is a Grant value set for both of those permissions as well.

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    I think I have figured out what is causing it. I am not sure it is intended though.

    So, what I think it is, is the group modify power is stopping the group from being edited to a value above it's modify power.

    So, as with the example above, if I set the Grant value for i_group_modify_power to 9005 and attempt to change that value to coincide with the new granted value, or even 1 below the grant value, it throws this error. But I can modify anything up to and including the i_group_modify_power value. With the exception of the auto update type.

    I experienced this on a new server with which I wanted to set the permission values above 75.

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