first of all I have to thank you for all the efforts you guys put into TS3 that (besides being awesome by itself) gave us so many possibilities for our plugins.

Although almost everything I needed for my plugins has been already there, I have a small request regarding an addition to the API:

Can we get a callback that triggers whenever TS3 _would_ start or stop sending voice data? That callbacks should be triggered whenever the user pushes/releases the PTT-Button or - if voice activation is set - whenever the user starts/stops talking.

Reason for this is that I've written a plugin that controls whether the client should actually send data.
The plugin decides like this: a) if the user talks, send. b) if I (the plugin) want sound to be sent, send. And if both isn't true (anymore), stop sending.

At the moment the only possibility I see to achieve this, is using PTT - but instead of binding hotkeys directly to PTT, I bind to another key that then sends start/stop messages to the plugin. The plugin then uses CLIENT_INPUT_DEACTIVATED to activate / deactivate accordingly. VAC is missing completely since I cannot see a way to achieve the same w/o writing my own implementation of VAC and record myself (which I really like to avoid *g*).

As you can see, my solution to the problem is rather ugly

An addition to the API would allow me to see that the user is pushing its real PTT-button or is talking (if VAC is on).

Many thanks in advance!