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    Solved Client Port Problem

    I have been having difficulty since I installed teamspeak 3.
    It has not worked once over these past few days over several attempts to fix it.

    I have searched the FAQ and the forums for details on my problem,
    it seems like many people have had it and it has been unresolved.

    Whenever I try to connect to any server I get this message:

    <00:50:05> Trying to resolve hostname (the hostname )
    <00:50:05> Trying to connect to server on (the hostname)
    <00:50:13> Failed to connect to server

    It is the same when connecting with IP.

    I have also tried disabling anti-virus and adding exceptions and disabling firewall. I'm using Windows XP Home SP3. My router is Netopia Router 2247-02.

    ed- resolved!

    I had to turn off my router's firewall for it to work. It works with anti-virus and my normal firewall in place too. Rawsome!
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    Try to disable full protection for your computer including firevall. Add the port to the address :9987. Problem with provider. It may also be that the server was disconnected at this time

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