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    Speaking to teammembers without push-to-talk (but with push-to-talk witheveryoneelse)

    hi guys,

    had the following idea (given my teammates and I are looking for an alternative to skype), which, after a quick look through TS3, doesn't seem to be possible (correct me if I am wrong) yet, hence my suggestion.

    we speak on skype and like to have a conversation going, interrupted with the usual check-your-six or "spotted a contact" calls (flight sims!). however, the call quality isn't that great and generally is a slight pain to run. the servers we play on have a TS3 server running, and it would be good to be able to listen in to them conversation there, and speak to the people there - all can be done off course, by simply running skype and also TS3, and pushing-to-talk whenever we feel like it. however, what would be ideal, would be to only use TS3, be in the same channel, and NOT use push-to-talk to speak to only squaddies, and USE push-to-talk to say something which is of general use for everyone.

    any ideas how to do this? if not, would it be an idea of interest to implement? other features could be putting down of the volume for everyone else apart from your squaddies, and then putting it up again when needed, but the main idea is just to be able to NOT use push-to-talk for one set of people on the channel, and USE push-to-talk for the rest of the people on the channel.

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    Here's how it can be done

    You and squaddies are in one channel, everyone else is in a different channel. You can have yours set to voice activation.

    You would have a whisper list to the other channels and that would be your button to talk to everyone else. While when you just normally talk it goes only to your squaddies.

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    thanks for the hint - but if I am in one channel with my buddies, what about being able to listen in to the other, general, channel? good that I can 'whisper' to them, but what about hearing what they are saying, without them having to specifically speak to me (by whispering/etc)?

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    1,718 can join the server twice or they can have their own set of hotkeys as well to whisper you guys.

    But then things get a smidge complicated and everyone would have to be on the same page. If you really want to do Voice activation = your friends, and Push to talk = everyone else, that is the only way i can think of to do it. But if it was Voice activation = everyone, and push to talk = your friends, then much easier.

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