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    one click addon install file structure and requirements

    Need to know how to fill the one click addons install (compressed) files: .ts3_addon, .ts3_iconpack, .ts3_plugin, .ts3_soundpack, .ts3_style and ts3_translation.

    Guess there will need to be a config/script in the root area of the compressed file, will need structure of that also.

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    yeah, this would be nice

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    Just create a normal folder with your content.
    Now compress it into the zip format.
    Remove .zip from filename and add on of our file endings.
    The ending has nothing to do with the content. These file relations where added to show the user, what kind of addon it is.

    You only can use these addons for the root folder.
    plugins , sound , gfx , styles , translations

    How to build your Addon.
    Example for overlay. It needs to be stored in..
    ... C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\plugins\ts3overlay and in
    ... C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\plugins
    1. Start with a new directory called "plugins" and put the sub folder called "ts3overlay"
    How it looks now
    2. The file "dx_overlay_plugin.dll" has to be moved into the folder plugins.
    Now copy the rest into folder "ts3overlay"
    How it looks now (with folder content)
    plugins (dx_overlay_plugin.dll)
       |--ts3overlay (3rd party; styles; config_default.ini ....) 
    3. Now create a file called "package.ini" and write your text in it
    Name        = TS3 Overlay
    Type        = Plugin
    Author      = TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
    Version     = 1.0
    Description = "This is the Ts3 Overlay\nThis Plugin does work under windows only)"
    /n < for new line and please dont use any special character, they won't work.
    4. Move package.ini into the root folder of your addon
    How it looks now (with folder content)
    plugins (dx_overlay_plugin.dll)
       |--ts3overlay (3rd party; styles; config_default.ini ....) 
    5. Compress your files into the .zip format and rename it to .ts3_xxxxx
    You can decide to choose any of these endings for yur file.
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    So if I have a plugin that is written for all of Win32, Win64, Linux-x86, Linux-amd64 and Mac OS X can you put all of them in the plugins folder and only the proper one for the system running package_inst get extracted? Since the add-ons web site currently only supports one download file per plugin it would make sense to have package_inst support this. Or the add-ons site should be updated to allow five downloads per add-on, one for each supported OS/arch. Then the users would just from a dropdown select the OS/arch they want to download on the add-ons site.
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    Oh and thank you for the info.

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