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    Banning someone from my TS

    I am the system administrator on my TS. I have an annoying person who I have tried several times to permanently ban. Somehow this person is finding a way around the ban....does anyone know how she has done this and how I can REALLY PERMANENTLY ban this person?

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    Is this person connecting with a new IP every time?
    One option is to increase the security level. That way, when you ban him and he makes a new ID and gets a new IP, it will take him longer to generate a more secure ID possibly boring him.

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    Some other informations to restrict the server access :

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    trace route his ip and e mail there address and report him i have done this before and his isp contacted him with a ceace and desist order OR just ban his IP range or security lvl is good too but again the draw back of this is EVERYONE must raise there security lvl not just him. So you may potentially bore more people besides him.

    Do you broadcast to a web server list?
    Is this person just some random guy or a disgruntled known client?

    -If you broadcast to a web server list STOP IT! lol this lists your server to ALL and most are just idiot trouble makers that pick your server randomly off of that cursed list. You can reduce the potential of hackers/idiots/griefers by 98% by simply turning off any web server list your listed on. This simply DOES NOT HAPPEN on my server. 6 years (since ts2) and only 2 bans no problems

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    Another option is to make it so the guest client cannot do anything without permission from an admin. Set the subscription powers so they cannot view into any channel but the one they are in. Now as long as you don't hang out in the default channel they can't bother you if they do join.

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