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    Chat Logs Browsed From Within the Client

    An in client-way to find those chat logs. I've attached an image to show what i was thinking.


    Under tools have some context menu called "Chat logs" or something.
    When the user clicks on it, the new window will pop open where they will need to pick a server. Once the server is selected, then they can pick which type they want to see ( private, server, channel ). If Private is selected, the user pop down menu will appear and you can select which user.

    There will be a viewing pane where the chat log can be displayed. A couple buttons to open the text location or open the text file itself.

    I think this will help people find the logs much easier as the client will be able to do all the decoding work for them (which i think is most troublesome to the majority of people who have trouble locating the correct logs)

    Also, this is a continuation from mantis
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    Very good idea

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    Read channel message


    Thanks for this really useful guide.

    I had a really private conversation last night in a channel with one person and in writing.

    It seems that somehow the information spread out. Could you please let me know if an Admin and/or the owner of our TeamSpeak address can read a channel chat/message even though they were not in this channel at the moment of the discussion?

    Thank you in advance for your quick answer

    Best regards,


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