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    Too many Slots but i have a Non-Profit License..?!

    i've got again a problem

    If u make my TS3 Server online the first time, than i can put the slots to 512...
    than its running and 512 ppl can connect to it.

    if i shutdown the server and try to start it again, it isnt online :/ always errors @localhost and ip...

    for all not just for me
    so i've looked into the logs and there is standing

    2011-05-31 21:41:38.989104|ERROR |Accounting | | too many slots hosted, shutting down!
    2011-05-31 21:41:39.054107|INFO |VirtualServer | 1| stopped

    but i have a non profit license ordered, and i've dropped it into the TS3_Server folder(

    whats up there?
    help pls

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    i have changed with putty the virtualserver_maxclients (from the stopped server) to 32...
    than i've started the server with serverstart sid=1

    and now i've conected and its 512 slots set up...

    with putty changed to 32, but than its 512?!

    if someone has a idea how i can solve this problem.. would be nice ;D

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    ive setted the maxclients to 32 (per client) and if i start the server now, i get the same log

    2011-06-01 11:09:25.388223|ERROR |Accounting | | too many slots hosted, shutting down!
    2011-06-01 11:09:25.488229|INFO |VirtualServer | 1| stopped

    but than i login in putty and type in "serverstart sid=1" and then this comes in the log, and the server is online

    2011-06-01 11:10:16.595152|INFO |VirtualServer | 1| listening on
    2011-06-01 11:10:16.598152|INFO |VirtualSvrMgr | | startServer() VirtualServer(1) started

    but after some time the server is again offline..
    i was the whole night online on the server and in the morning it were stopped...
    the logs say:
    2011-06-01 11:09:21.869022|INFO |VirtualServer | 1| client disconnected '**** MY NAME (censored) ****'(id:2) reason 'reasonmsg=Server Shutdown!'
    2011-06-01 11:09:22.039032|INFO |VirtualServer | 1| stopped

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    Please stop the server for ~2 hours and wait. Or maybe someone else uses your license too?
    This has been answered many times.
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    i've got an server on a root, wich has the same licence, the server on my pc here is just for me, no one else is on it

    so i cant do my "test" server with the same licence? okay, and is it possible to make the roots down to 250 slots and my server on my pc to 250 slots?

    all with one licence...?

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    yes it is possible to do that

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    As SilentStorm stated that is possible. the rule with the NPL is no more than 10 virtual servers and no more than 512 slots. You can run 1, 2 or even 10 server instances on the same license as long as there are not more than 10 virtual servers and the sum of slots on the virtual servers is not greater than 512 slots.

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    virtual servers?
    but i mean, if i can start a server on MY PC with the same licence wich is used on my ROOT SERVER

    so 2 different pc's, both with the same licence, but for each pc just 250 slots...

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