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    Permission Problems

    Version: 3.0.0-rc1 Build: 14345 on Windows

    Hi, okay so when I open up my TS and go to my permissions for the server groups, it says "No permissions to view this group". At first I was able to see my group options for the Server Groups, but when I try to set my groups from unknown to the specific groups that I wanted it to be, it keeps saying error and abort, and now I can't see anything anymore. But as far as my Channel Groups, I can still see my group options for it, I just can't set it from unknown to the groups I wanted to set it into. So if there's a way for me to fix this in order for me to touch the permissions of my Server Groups and Channel Groups, please tell me, I would glady appreciate the help, thanks a lot!
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    Do you rent your Teamspeak server or you are the owner ?
    Are you in the Server Admin group ?
    Did you changed anything in the permission system before ?
    Could you post the entire error message.

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