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    TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.0.0-rc2 available

    Hi everybody,

    today we release a new TS3 Client Version, with version "3.0.0-rc2".

    Compared to our last Stable Release, rc1, there are some noteworthy changes:
    - Replaced the rc1 sound pack with two new ones. One female and one male (you can chose between the two in the set-up wizard or in Options->Notifications). Also the old mic click sounds are back.
    - To allow easily (e.g. double click) installation of addons you can now create zip files with special file suffix that are extracted to the right location by a nice dialogue. We recommend any addons to be bundled like this for ease of use. Supported endings are: .ts3_plugin .ts3_style .ts3_soundpack .ts3_iconpack .ts3_translation .ts3_addon
    - Domains with non ascii characters work again (they were broken by the rc1 release)

    Full List of Changes:
    === Client Release 3.0.0-rc2 02 Jun 2011
    + Added banner resize mode to virtualserver settings.
    + Channel context menu "unsubscribe from channel family" is available as soon
      as any subchannel is subscribed.
    + "Set Avatar" now is disabled without permission.
    + Added package installer for easy plugins/styles/soundpacks etc. one-click
    * Plugin authors note: requestChannelSubscribe and requestChannelUnsubscribe
      now take an array of channelIDs as parameter instead of a single channelID.
    * Exchanged default soundpack with male and female soundpacks.
    * Added soundpack page to setup wizard to select one of male or female.
    * Select and scroll to own client after connecting.
    * Fixed switching a fullscreen game to desktop when client is minimized and
      showing the "warn while muted", the "entering moderated channel", the
      "force push-to-talk" or the "maximum amount of clients reached" dialog.
    * Client and server log windows now save and restore log level checkbox states.
    * Added "Debug" checkbox to control debug output in client log window.
    * Added "Delete" to channel permission to set i_channel_needed_delete_power.
    - Support for international domain names readded.
    - Removed validation of input text from connection connect and bookmark
      address field, so that every address can be used.
    - Fixed possible crash in AppScanner plugin with Umlauts.
    - Added a missing separator within an invitation.
    - Moved rest of the sounds into soundpack for more customized handling.
    - Fixed that poke dialog no longer opens when nickname was changed.
    - Changed the Push-To-Talk tooltip lines which were displayed in wrong order.
    - Fixed displaying port when connected via invitation.
    - Fixed errordisplay when family subscriptions on channels fail.
    - Fixed dropping images from filebrowser into channel description when
      connected on multiple servers.
    - Fixed context menu to copy offlinemessage text.
    - Limited the last mentioned URLs in systemtray context menu to 10.
    - Fixed that image-descriptions near avatar are sometimes written over the edge
    - Image in channel description was broken when overwritten with same name.
    - Fixed that offline messages throws a warning when recipient wasn't found on
      the server.
    - Don't save empty subscribed channels list when quickly disconnecting again
      from a server, loosing the subscribed channels.
    - Fixed problem when binding hotkeys while joysticks were active that "pressed"
      a button constantly
    As usual we look forward to any feedback, bug reports or other criticism. Just answer to this thread.

    3.0.0-rc2 is now fully live in the "stable channel", so everybody updates.
    Last edited by Peter; June 9th, 2011 at 09:43 AM.

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    I have installed Version 3.0.0-rc2 [Build: 14602] and now i hear always a bit of noise. The noise is still there when I click on mute headset. It is very quietly but it is there. it is away when i mute teamspeak in the volumenmixer (showed by clicking on the speakerssymbol in win7).

    Edit by peter: Remove now fixed bug

    I have win7 x64
    Sound: G35 headset, Realtek on board
    Last edited by Peter; June 3rd, 2011 at 11:25 AM.

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    all seems to work well on my old system. build 14614

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    St.Petersburg, Russia
    I'm using a portable version of client and it was working fine so far until this rc2, which asks to allow it modify registry every time. Very annoying.

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    How do i configure my TS3 client to update from the "Beta Channel" please?

    UPDATE: Found it using google
    If anyone's interested and doesn't know how:
    1. Close the TeamSpeak client.
    2. edit the update.ini in TS3's root folder and add:

    3. Save the update.ini file and close it.
    4. Launch the TeamSpeak client back again and update!

    Last edited by Quantum Systems; June 4th, 2011 at 12:06 AM.

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    New Soundpack

    Is there a way to change back to the old soundpack?

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    Will there be an offline installer with rc2 for clients who dont have an internet connection?


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    I think, when rc2 will be released, there is an installer.

    Please, don't change the voice every new release. I want the old one back.

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    It is confusing, because there is no preX in the Version String. At first glance it looked like a final version.

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    certainly interesting with all these new updates and thinga-magigys

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    Is this update officially "live" for Linux? My TS3 Client has not auto-updated yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelsguitar View Post
    Is this update officially "live" for Linux? My TS3 Client has not auto-updated yet.
    No, because of the bugs the release of this pre-release was delayed to Friday. So I guess the real RC2 will be released in the next days, if no more critical bugs are reported.

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    Taipei, Taiwan
    Crashed on my computer, logs and dumps are here:

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    When updating with ts updater from rc2-pre1 build 14385 (x64), all packages where downloaded but the updater is not asking for higher permissions via UAC. so the update will fail.

    I'm using Win7 x64 with restricted User-account and activated Administrator-account.
    Normaly, when installing any software or any program needs higher privilegs, UAC is asking for the Administrators password.

    P.S.: After installing rc2 (right-klick update.exe run as...) sucsessfull, i canceled the updater, so i do not execute the ts-client as admin using the update.exe as parent-thread. after 1st start (restricted user account) i get a message that some registry keys must be written, and if uac is turned on, it will ask for. uac was not asking for permissionn, but the keys where sucessfully imprted in the registry.
    I have checked the permissions for HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and the user-account has only read-permission. i also checked that the ts3_client.exe was running with user-permissions (parent-thread: explorer.exe).

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    All authenticated users have write permissions on their own branches in HKEY_CLASSES_USER. It's probably stored there. I don't see why they need to modify HKCR branch since I don't seen any associations.

    IIRC, you don't really need to update it with elevated permissions. But you need elevated permissions if you installed it in the default directory (%ProgramFiles%\...). If you installed TS3 inside a directory where normal user already have Read/Write(Modify/Create Files/Directories)/Execute/List permissions, then it will not ask for elevated privileges and installs/updates will be successful. I have tried this before RC-1.

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