For a while now teamspeak3 has been freezing on me.

I will be chatting with people and all of a sudden all sound will stop, i check the client and two (two every time no matter what, always random) other users activity lights will remain solid. Then teamspeak will start sucking up my CUP usage (around 75 percent from 6). All my other active programs slow to almost a complete halt.

At this point it is impossible for me to even end the non-responding program and i must end the process. After i end the process my computer starts working like a charm again as if nothing ever happened. I have tried to open itunes and play a song while this was happening and it would not play; the second i ended the process the song started to play. So I know it has to be some sort of audio issue.

I have this issue with both a USB and jack headset so i know it is not that.

System information:
Windows 7 32bit
Raeltek High Def Audio Driver edition It is fully up-to-date.
Client Release 3.0.0-rc1 10 May 2011