Deal all!

I'm implementing some tests with TS3 SDK in c#, using the demo and the manual of dll.

But I canīt implement the requestSendPrivateTextMsg. The error was returned is: "Unable to load DLL 'ts3client_win32.dll': the specified module could not be found."

Visual studio 2008 c#

[DllImport("ts3client_win32.dll"), EntryPoint = "ts3client_requestSendPrivateTextMsg")]
public static extern uint ts3client_requestSendPrivateTextMsg(uint64 arg0, string arg1, anyID arg2, string arg3);
And the calling:

error = ts3client.ts3client_requestSendPrivateTextMsg(scHandlerID, "test", targetClientId, null);
if (error != public_errors.ERROR_ok)
Console.WriteLine("Error: {0}", error);
Any Suggestions??

Tks in advice!