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    Is it possible to partial log server chat server-side? (NOT Channel or private chat!)


    I have so far found threads discussing and rejecting the idea of logging chat server-side - I understand this, in terms of privacy.
    My question is: Is it possible to log specific events shown in server chat such as people being moved/kicked/banned by other users? I cannot always be online, and for various reasons, some (a bit childish) people need move rights. I want to log all move events to prevent abuse.

    is it possible to achieve a server chat log with a ts bot, perhaps? i have looked at the bots, and I believe no one implemented that functionality - have I missed sth.?

    Thank you all in advance,

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    Your subject is a bit confusing, this isn't chat as such, it's server events. In your client, right click on the server and select 'Edit virtual server'. Press the 'More' button if necessary and take a look at the Logs tab, haven't tried all of them myself but I'm guessing some of these options should log what you want

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    It can also be done using query by using query notifies. Fuunctionality is quite limited, but does support move events. Read this.

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