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    How to prevent using changing channel name with spacers.

    How to make so that they cant do that?

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    Spacers and channels are absolutely the same thing. There is no difference at all, so you cannot make this difference either.

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    As said above, it's just the channel name telling our GUI to handle it like a special item in the server tree.
    Such channels only act like a spacer if their parent is "your servername here" and they must be permanent.

    There is no way to restrict such names, but are ways to prevent using a channel as a spacer.
    1. Do not allow to create or edit permanent channels or their channel name.

    2. Restrict to create and move channels to server level 0.
    But this settngs must allow that your users are able to create sub-channels.

    Set the permission i_channel_min_depth with a value of 1

    3. Tell your users not to use such names
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    You can use the Bad Channel Name Check function of the JTS3ServerMod:
    Of course, this checks the name after creating the channel, but it can delete the channel very fast after creating. So people will learn fast.

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