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    Poke everyone in server

    Here is what I want to do;

    I want to create a script that can be run from a website to poke the entire server with a message. Basically, the script would have a box that you can type the message in to, and it will poke the server with that message.

    How would I do this? I can log in to serverquery via telnet and that works fine, but what is the command to poke the server? I can't even find the command to poke just a single client let alone a whole virtual server.

    Is this even possible?

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    Currently it's not possible.
    Your script must get the clientlist and after poke each one user

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    What is the command to poke a client via server query? All I could find was sendtextmessage but that opens a chat window, not a poke..

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    Quote Originally Posted by devilsspawn View Post
    What is the command to poke a client via server query?
    clientpoke clid={clientID} msg={text}
    Btw. something like this already exist as TS3 client lua script:
    Don't know if its still work with the current TS3 client.

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    How would I go about running that from a website though..

    Also, is there a way to poke multiple CLID's?

    I tried separating them with a comma, but it didn't work. I have a php script built already that connects to serverquery, pulls he clientlist and gets the clid's for all active clients, but I cannot get it to poke more than one. it puts a : between clientpoke commands and so only the first client gets poked.

    any ideas?

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    Not sure if you can do it this way, I am currently unable to test it:
    clientpoke clid={clientID}|clid={clientID}|clid={clientID} msg={text}

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    Pokes all

    Hi all

    Is it possible to POKE all from a certain server group?

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