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    multiple virtual servers on linux

    I tried to run multiple instances of teamspeak on the same box (on different ports) but it didn't start, I don't know whether I did it correctly but after running another session the server started giving me errors from accounting : too many instances in a short period or something like that and I couldn't even start one server.

    So, if you kindly help me figure out how to start 2 servers at one time I will be greatful. I have a non-profit license, and it says I can run 10 virtual servers.


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    How many slots did you have on each server? If the sum of slots is greater than 512 this is normal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Screech View Post
    How many slots did you have on each server? If the sum of slots is greater than 512 this is normal.
    no the serv wich was on has 200 slots

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    If you have your own box, I suggest using Psychokiller's Webinterface, It's so user friendly and there's no lengthy server query commands to find or remember. You can find it in this link:

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