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    [Announce] PMWatch - Poke & Private Message Watch

    Poke and Private Message Watch

    by SgtRWE

    Plays a new sound when you recieve a poke or private message.
    Saves the Poke message to a chat tab.

    Have you ever had too many tabs open to know when somone is sending you
    a Private Message ?
    Now when you get a private message, a new sound will play, alerting you
    that you have a private message.

    Have you ever clicked OK, before reading you poke message ?
    Now when you get a poke message, a sound will play and the message will
    be written to your chat tab.
    See all your pokes in the same chat tab. NOT mixed in with all the
    server messages.

    OK, I'm a little late in adding this thread

    But I will be releasing an update soon and wanted a link for people to report bugs

    If you have any problems report them here.

    The link to download the app is here

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    New Version Released

    Ver 2.2.3 Released (2011-06-10)

    * Rewrite to work with teamspeak one click installer
    * Rewrite to work with my other scripts
    * Added command !pmwconfig to open pmwatch.ini in a text ediitor
    * Added easier way to change the default sound, now in the .ini file
    * Added routine to remove the previous version of pmwatch (1.9.1 and earlier)
    * More error checking for files in config
    * Installer Only works with version 3.0.0-rc2 and newer

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    There is a bug with the Mac version, that even happens with the one click install

    I install the sounds for pmwatch in teamspeal-install-dir/plugins/pmwatch/mysounds
    and the inii file is in teamspeal-install-dir/plugins/pmwatch/

    When you install on a mac, when it tries to open the files, they are not found.

    It seems that the mac expects them one directory higher, but I can't confirm this, because I don't have a Mac. Grrrr!

    either way, the one click install should put them where they can be accessed.

    I don't know how the mac works, so if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks

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    fixed bug with mac osx placement of plugin folder

    place plugin folder under shared support into applications folder where you have i chat i cal etc programs and it works

    so it should look like this fixed worked sgt you need to add into installation method for mac users

    ichat examples of programs
    ical examples of programs
    TeamSpeak 3 Client teamspeak program
    plugins/pmwatch real folder location to get rid of error i had

    keep plugins folder in existing location to work and alls fine

    notes for sgtw try install location with full file location like so TeamSpeak 3
    thats how my mac file reads it

    ignore this bit only test if you have problem still try this part
    i also created a file location again with following appliations folder create folder like this /Applications/TeamSpeak 3

    sae location as the fix for files
    Last edited by R3GGi3; March 2nd, 2012 at 01:31 PM.

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    Major release to fix compatibility with other lua plugins

    Ver 2.4.1 Released (2012-09-21)

    * Major Fix to compatibility with other lua routines (Thanks PeterS from TS forums)
    * Rewrite to be compatible with my other routines
    * User Names are now right clickable

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    Moderator, can you please check the addons server, this plugin seems to have disappeared, I know it was there and my two other plugins still exist.

    Please let me know what I need to do to get it back.


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