Poke and Private Message Watch

by SgtRWE

Plays a new sound when you recieve a poke or private message.
Saves the Poke message to a chat tab.

Have you ever had too many tabs open to know when somone is sending you
a Private Message ?
Now when you get a private message, a new sound will play, alerting you
that you have a private message.

Have you ever clicked OK, before reading you poke message ?
Now when you get a poke message, a sound will play and the message will
be written to your chat tab.
See all your pokes in the same chat tab. NOT mixed in with all the
server messages.

OK, I'm a little late in adding this thread

But I will be releasing an update soon and wanted a link for people to report bugs

If you have any problems report them here.

The link to download the app is here